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Microsoft Cloud Helps Enhance Company's Ability to Work and Collaborate

IFS Industries, Inc., headquartered in Reading, PA, is a family owned and operated company. IFS and its affiliates, develop state of the art adhesive and coatings systems for all types of customers around the world.  They have manufacturing and warehousing strategically located throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to provide high quality products and responsive service.
IFS Industries


IFS was supporting legacy hardware and applications that no longer met their business requirements from both a financial and functional standpoint. The legacy hardware and applications were a challenge to current staff, who did not have the bandwidth or technical skills to expand and manage the environment. It was also a challenge to management, as unexpected upgrades required unbudgeted funds. The legacy hardware also put IFS at risk because of its inability to incorporate modern security capabilities and best practices.

It was clear the next step was to identify a solution that could enhance the company’s ability to work and collaborate, while securing their applications and data. It needed to include a predictable monthly and annual spend so the organization could anticipate its yearly budget. And it needed to be an agile solution that would allow them to meet changing business requirements.

IFS’s executive management was aware of cloud-based infrastructure and saw that as the next logical step to moving IFS forward. A successful transition required a solution that securely supported a remote workforce and would take the burden off an overstretched IT team. Additionally, whatever solution was identified needed to move from a traditional capital expense model to an operational expense model. IFS tapped Weidenhammer to help determine the best fit for their needs.


After considerable conversation about IFS’ wants, needs, and practical uses, Weidenhammer recommended using Microsoft as a solution. Using the Microsoft cloud would allow improved performance through enhanced computing and storage resources, with the added benefit of improving their security posture. It would also allow them to migrate their server infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud so they no longer needed to depend on physical hardware or significant capital investments.

When it came to supporting the distributed workforce collaboration needs, Weidenhammer suggested Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 would make it easier to shift the core email and file sharing environment from a traditional server-based platform to the cloud, allowing off-site employees to smoothly access necessary resources. Additionally, it would offer employees access to advanced collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and intelligence features through Power BI. And finally, it would introduce a fixed per user cost, supporting an operational expense model. 


In making this shift, IFS has the agility it needed to mobilize a distributed workforce and increase productivity, collaboration, and customer satisfaction. With Weidenhammer taking on the day-to-day operations of running Microsoft 365 and Azure, IFS’ IT staff can focus on strategic activities instead of maintenance and system repair. And management can see a 25% cost savings in monthly expenses using Microsoft solutions under Weidenhammer’s managed services.

The combination of increased security and performance is a key driver in moving IFS’ business operations forward. Now, staff are able to complete their tasks faster, increase productivity, and provide a better customer response, thanks to the combination of Microsoft’s innovative solutions and Weidenhammer’s managed services.

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