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Building Success with Communication

Kitchen Magic is a family-owned and operated company which designs, manufacturers, installs and services new kitchen cabinets, countertops, backsplashes and accessories.
Kitchen Magic


The organization was originally operating on an outdated phone/data storage platform that had reached its end of life for support. Kitchen Magic needed to be upgraded to a new system. The remodeling company found itself missing updates and patches that provided operation continuity for their users. Due to the lack of updates, Kitchen Magic had an increased risk of collaborative downtime externally/internally with their staff and customer base. Additionally, Kitchen Magic was unsatisfied with their current campaign management system due to lack of accurate reporting and visibility.


HammerTech recommended upgrading to a supported unified communications platform that would be completely hosted in the cloud. As an add-on, Weidenhammer also suggested a campaign management solution for Kitchen Magic’s outreach to potential new customers. The new platform would greatly reduce the risk of downtime for its users. Along with a reliable uptime, Kitchen Magic would receive a more optimized contact center. The contact center platform provides a coherent workflow when working with the company’s customers and overall reach to new clients.


Kitchen Magic received a more optimized contact center that improved customer service and led to fewer dropped and lost calls thanks to the Webex Contact Center (WxCC). Kitchen Magic also benefited from monthly cost savings from their old platform. Internally, employees found it easier to collaborate and communicate more effectively. The organization now has features that assist them with manageability and tracking statistics. As Kitchen Magic continues in its growth, they now have a fully collaborative system to continue providing exceptional customer service and create a positive experience.

Employee Retention
Retained a key employee whose family needed to relocate.