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If you’re spending hours every week dealing with IT issues, you’re taking valuable time away from managing your business. That’s where Weidenhammer comes in. With HammerCare managed services, we offer 24/7/365 monitoring and support of your technology footprint. This provides peace of mind for you and more time for your IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives. Bonus: we’ll help you leverage the financial model that makes the most sense for you, allowing you to better anticipate your costs. Let us focus on your technology while you focus on your growth.

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Too often, IT staff are forced to spend time being reactive rather than proactive. With HammerCare, Weidenhammer’s managed services, we can take over those routine tasks so your team can focus on their strategic initiatives. We’ll prevent disruptions, reduce downtime, identify issues before they cause problems, and keep your environments up to date and fully secure. Plus, we work with your team to clean up and optimize your technology infrastructure so you can get what you need faster. This strategic approach has the benefit of improving the performance of your systems while saving you money and boosting employee satisfaction. Our goal is to help you make time for your team to complete more important tasks, all while ensuring that your team looks good in the eyes of your users, leaders, and clients.

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