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In today’s digital world, the network is the necessary foundation for modern work. On a fundamental level, the network is what allows employees, customers, and partners to connect through voice, video, and data. At Weidenhammer, our experts focus on forward-thinking network infrastructure design to optimize productivity, security, resiliency, and access in order to help your business meet its goals. It’s through a well-designed network architecture that we can optimize platforms, increase delivery performance, and provide security. Like any good foundation, our designs are always engineered to help your business grow.

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Employees and customers alike have come to expect turbocharged speeds, rock-solid reliability, and built-in security to facilitate an always-on-from-anywhere experience – in a manner that enables the flexibility and work-life balance of a modern workplace. Making that happen means ensuring that your network has the adaptability and security it needs, which can be a full-time job just by itself. Fortunately, Weidenhammer has the skills and expertise to help your organization leverage today’s top technology and design a network able to stand up to the demands of tomorrow. You’ll see greater collaboration and teamwork – and boost productivity across your entire organization. Include our HammerCare managed services  program for even more reliability, ease of management, and security.

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At Weidenhammer, we aim to build an intelligent digital network architecture that supports the latest needs and goals of your business. Ease of management is fundamental to your organization’s success, as are scalability, flexibility, and security. That’s why we prioritize enhanced cybersecurity, centralized controls and reporting, and improved application performance for all users. We’ll recommend the best hardware, software, licensing, subscription, and support models that will ultimately allow your networking solutions to grow with your business – and allow your team to focus on high-priority initiatives rather than time-consuming troubleshooting and remediation. 

Our experience and partnerships allow us to offer best-in-class network hardware with next generation features like: software-defined networking (SDN), which enables rapid and dynamic reconfiguration of the network to support evolving business requirements; software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN), which allows you to leverage standard internet connections to securely and efficiently connect multiple sites at the hardware/firewall level; and advanced network visibility tools from manufacturers like Cisco and Meraki to allow you to have more control over who and what connects to your network (and how they do so).

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