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Enhancing Education with Collaborative Tools

Inspired by three centuries of the distinctive spirituality of the Christian Brothers, La Salle educates the whole person, developing young men in their unique talents and strengths. A core program balances academics, athletics, the arts and community service. An academically diverse student body discovers an independence of thought and action that promotes a sense of individual responsibility.
La Salle College High School


La Salle College High School is a school which leverages technology to differentiate itself in a competitive private school marketplace. However, La Salle was in serious need of updating its outdated and unmanageable phone system. Their phone system is a critical component of day to day business operations, student communication, IT educational programs and emergency system outreach. With the existing phone system past end of support and the manufacturer out of business, La Salle was unable to make the necessary changes to the existing system. Dropped calls were common and security was at-risk without a reliable emergency response system.


In order to provide a reliable, safe, secure and technologically advanced phone system that would serve the needs of faculty, students, parents, board members, donors and all those who interact with the school, Weidenhammer:

  • Laid the foundation for a VoIP phone solution by implementing a CISCO network infrastructure several years earlier
  • Worked with the client to determine that Cisco’s Unified Communications Platform would satisfy the school’s communication requirements
  • Ensured the new phone system provided scalability to support future initiatives
  • Selected Singlewire’s Informacast, a new campus-wide security solution which dramatically improved La Salle’s emergency notification system


Since the new telephone and emergency communication system has been installed and implemented, documented results have shown:

  • Deeper control, stability and redundancy/high availability
  • A growing return on investment through increased productivity
  • Expanded capabilities to provide new educational opportunities
  • Enhancement of La Salle’s image and branding as a “technology school”