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Remote work has become increasingly popular, but it can also present a range of obstacles, from difficulty collaborating with teams and clients to a lack of security and disparate communication systems. Fortunately, there is a solution that can streamline your communications and collaboration efforts while addressing these concerns. Hammer Cloud with Webex is an all-in-one solution that integrates voice, messaging, video, and other communication into a single app.

With Hammer Cloud, you can ensure a productive and professional experience for your team members, regardless of their location, while maintaining end-to-end encryption to keep proprietary data safe and comply with global privacy laws. Plus, with a flexible SaaS model, you can easily scale your users up or down as needed without any capital investments. With Hammer Cloud, you can enjoy equal experiences for all employees, no matter whether they are remote or in the office.

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What is Hammer Cloud with Webex?

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  • For business voice and video calling with just one-click
  • Native in-app high-fidelity calling with enterprise-grade calling features
  • Publish one phone number and make or receive calls from any device
  • Seamless calling experience with Cisco MPP phones
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  • Energize meetings with immersive high-quality video
  • Video meetings built for teams with one button to join
  • Easy screen sharing and calendar integration
  • Full-featured, secure guest experience
  • Noise reduction
  • Custom backgrounds and personalized layouts
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  • Keep everything in one place, connect with people and stay on top of what matters
  • Send messages, share files, and whiteboard securely, both inside and outside the company
  • Easy to use searchable spaces Integrates with your business apps to improve efficiency and workflows
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Why Choose Hammer Cloud with Webex?

For your business, Hammer Cloud with Webex provides the added benefit of leveling the playing field, giving you access to the same technology that bigger businesses have, and making you more competitive. This creates more opportunities for you to grow your business, become more digitally savvy and adapt to market changes more quickly.

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Simple, All-in-One Solution: One app tightly integrated for all communication and collaboration.

Productive and Professional Experience: Modern apps are expected by today’s workers to enhance productivity, retain employees and engage customers and partners with confidence.

Security and Reliability: End-to-end enterprise-grade encryption to keep proprietary data safe, and comply with global privacy laws.

Flexibility and Predictability: SaaS model with the flexibility to scale users up or down as needed, with no capital investments, and the ability to customize packages.

Inclusivity: Equal experiences for all employees, no matter whether they are remote or in the office.

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The Essential Guide for Choosing Collaboration Solutions

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