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Develop your company’s IT security posture by partnering with Hammer Tech to get bundled cybersecurity services.

Reduce Cybersecurity Threats by 80% or More

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise, and your company is at risk no matter what industry you are in. Improving your company’s cybersecurity position does not have to be complicated or complex. You just need a partner with the right resources to fit your needs. 

Hammer Tech’s cybersecurity bundles are the easy way to tackle cybersecurity for your business. These bundles package cybersecurity defense services and resources together to provide comprehensive security for your company. Our bundle can reduce your cybersecurity risks by 80% or more using just three services.

Affordable Security for Your Business

Getting the cybersecurity resources that you need doesn’t have to be expensive either. With bundled services, you can get everything that you need for one affordable price. 

Our bundle includes:

  • KnowBe4 cybersecurity training to help your staff reduce security risks
  • Duo or Microsoft to implement multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Umbrella for overall security

With just these three services, your company can see a drastic improvement in cloud security. You can get all of this bundled together for as low as $8 per user per month!

$8 Per Person Per Month

Contact us to make an easy change to your security today!

Bundle Features

At Hammer Tech, we’ve taken three cybersecurity services and bundled them together for easier implementation and management. For as low as $8 per user per month, your staff is covered for a variety of online threats. Our bundle includes:

Training Powered by KnowBe4 

Our KnowBe4 training shows your staff how to prevent mistakes that open your systems to attacks. Staff members are the leading cause of security breaches due to the ineffective use of login credentials. They often forget to log out of terminals when they leave, leave computers unlocked, or use unsecured connections to log in remotely. All of these actions create a security risk.

Help your staff understand how to use effective security procedures to reduce risks by up to 70%. 

Quick Facts:

  • Train staff to prevent security problems
  • $2 per user per month, and billed annually
  • Cut cyber security risks by up to 70%!

Umbrella (Security Essentials)

Umbrella provides a comprehensive cybersecurity package that protects your internet connections and activities online. Operating your business online can open it up to malware, spyware, ransomware, and a range of other types of cybersecurity problems. Use Umbrella to create a secure internet gateway and protect your assets from online threats.

Quick Facts:

  • Umbrella provides resources to make a comprehensive secure internet gateway (SIG). 
  • $3 per user per month
  • Half of the companies that use Umbrella saw a 75% reduction in malware infections

Duo (MFA Edition) or Microsoft MFA

Increase security at the entrance to your IT systems by deploying Duo (MFA Edition) or Microsoft MFA. Using MFA requires users to provide more than just a password to log into IT systems, making it much harder for cybercriminals to hack their way in. Companies using MFA saw major reductions in attacks. Improve your security by adding Duo or Microsoft to your systems.

Quick Facts:

  • Duo and Microsoft add multi-factor authentication to your IT infrastructure to dramatically improve security while having little-to-no impact on the user experience.
  • $3 per user per month
  • Companies saw that MFA blocks 99% of account attacks

Create a Bundle That Works for You

Your company needs cybersecurity measures now more than ever. Make sure that you have the cybersecurity systems that you need by implementing Hammer Tech’s cybersecurity bundle.

Our bundle (Duo or Microsoft, Umbrella, and KnowBe4) is an effective way to improve your security, but our bundles are flexible. If you need a different bundle, we can build one that fits your needs. 

Work with Hammer Tech to get the best cybersecurity services for your company. Contact us online or call at (800) 345-2221 to discuss your cybersecurity needs with our team.

Keys to Modern Internet Security

Hammer Tech’s bundles are effective because they address the keys to modern internet security. There are three areas where every company is vulnerable and that our bundles specifically address.

User Cybersecurity Awareness Training 

For all of the work that you put into creating a robust security system, your staff is the biggest risk by far. Users who do not understand how their actions impact cybersecurity often do things that make your company vulnerable. With training, you can reduce this risk by up to 70%, turning a vulnerability into one of your strongest defenses.

Research shows that simple awareness training can make staff members aware of the potential risks that basic actions create. Making them aware means that your staff can better recognize problems and adjust their actions accordingly.

More than that, we also implement new testing practices to help you see the change in your security performance after the training. With stronger monitoring practices in place, the tests show you when your security improves and by how much thanks to the training.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Having one username and password has been the standard for business security protocols for a long time, but these have also proven to be inadequate. Figuring out one password is no longer the great challenge that it was years ago. That is why multi-factor authentication (MFA) is becoming the new standard.

MFA improves security by adding another layer to the authentication process. While this can be done by adding another user action, like answering security questions, it can also be done behind the scenes. For example, limiting access to corporate-owned and managed devices – or to users logging in from appropriate geographical areas – is an effective way to block outside users from accessing IT resources. The authentication happens in the background so users don’t have to do anything different than they normally would.

The best part of MFA is that there are many ways to implement it. From passwords to security questions to CAPTCHA, you can design a security system that is easy to use and effective. MFA blocks up to 99% of attacks on company systems because it is significantly more difficult to hack MFA-enabled systems.

Secure Internet Gateway

Logging into a system is an important place to enable security, but your company needs an overall security infrastructure to protect your staff and systems once they are already online. This is where Umbrella security comes in. 

Our Umbrella security service is powered by Cisco technologies to create a secure internet gateway. That way, every connection your systems have to the internet has overarching security. This protects against online threats that wait for you to connect or download something. Users saw a 75% decrease in malware infections and related internet security threats, keeping client information and internal IT infrastructure safe from hackers.

Three Security Services, One Effective Security System

Each of these cybersecurity services is important, but they are far more effective in protecting your company if they work together. Every company needs several ways of improving their cybersecurity, and getting everything that you need from one vendor means you get the best possible service and support. 

All of Hammer Tech’s security services come with high-quality customer service and support. You can always get the help that you need to set up, manage, repair, and improve your IT security infrastructure.