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Why Microsoft and Weidenhammer?

Microsoft is a world leader in helping businesses and employees grow and thrive. Microsoft software and technology can be found in virtually every business today, working to improve productivity, collaboration, security, cloud storage, application development, and analytics.

Weidenhammer’s certified engineers can help you harness the full power of Microsoft technologies. We’ll determine the needs of your organization, leverage the right Microsoft products, and then implement those solutions to transform your business into a more efficient, collaborative, and productive organization than ever before.

Adoption Services

Microsoft’s platform is a cost-effective solution that addresses many of the challenges facing the modern workplace – especially if you’ve already made an investment in Microsoft products. Weidenhammer has the experience and knowledge to identify the right solutions for your organization, develop a plan, conduct training, and deploy the solutions to help your organization become more productive and effective.  

Adoption Services needed now more than ever.

Your organization has evolved to its current workplace process for a reason. Weidenhammer will get to know your organization, understand your needs, and take stock of the solutions you’ve already put into place. We’ll look at your needs and the Microsoft assets you already have. We can even help develop reporting tools (if none exist) to provide an in-depth understanding of usage patterns.

Then, we’ll develop a cost-effective plan customized to your needs to help you leverage the full power of Microsoft’s technology for your business. We’ll develop an individualized roadmap for each business unit to meet their needs. We will customize our training approach for each department, which could include a separate dashboard or integration within Teams so that the information they need is readily accessible.

Weidenhammer has the necessary experience deploying solutions across many different organizations, so we will customize the deployment and training on your terms,  to find a solution that works best for your organization. We can phase in the deployment so that critical business processes are not interrupted and your employees are not overwhelmed. As deployment takes place, we will use Power BI-based usage metrics to deliver quantifiable results that demonstrate increases in communication, collaboration, and productivity across your organization.

Modern Workforce

Workplaces are evolving at a remarkable pace. Today our workplace must foster collaboration and teamwork across physical locations and organizational teams. Weidenhammer can utilize Microsoft 365 and Modern Workplace solutions to deliver an efficient, secure, mission-critical platform to transform your organization.

Stay Collaborative

The modern workforce has evolved – and is currently changing right under our feet amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, employees and teams are seeking more effective ways to communicate and work together. Email is no longer sufficient. Video chat has become essential. Collaboration tools are necessary to better manage workflow.

Weidenhammer can help you provide your workforce with the right tools to adapt to this changing business environment. We’ll utilize Microsoft Intune and Autopilot to provide resources and tools for remote workers – giving them full access to their data regardless of their physical location. By tying apps to Azure Active Directory with Single Sign-On, we can give you greater control over passwords for greater security.

Using Microsoft Teams, we’ll help you streamline workflows and improve collaboration to improve communication between individual users, teams, and large groups. We’ll give you digital tools that help connect and support your employees to foster collaboration, productivity, engagement, and – most of all – innovation.

Microsoft Security

Before you spend extra money on security, Weidenhammer can help you leverage your existing Microsoft technology to improve security. When properly utilized, Microsoft 365 can give your employees greater flexibility – with full application access – while simultaneously ensuring your network is optimized for both performance and security

Keep Secure Everywhere

In these challenging times where work must be more flexible, security is a greater concern than ever before. Even as employees work remotely, they still need full access to their applications to remain productive. But that access must also be secure. Many security programs exist, but they are complicated and expensive – and may still leave holes in your network’s security.

Weidenhammer has the expertise to leverage Microsoft 365 to give employees the access they need, while at the same time protecting endpoints, controlling access to cloud apps and resources, and handling device management. We can tap into the capabilities native in Azure and PowerBI to enable Microsoft 365 to give you security insights and guidance to ensure your network is fully optimized and secure. No more confusion jumping from different dashboards for the critical information you need. You’ll get all the information you need on a single platform that enables you to manage security across your identities, data, devices, and apps. You increase productivity and security as you save money and time!