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Michael is a Senior Growth Marketer for Weidenhammer and focuses on educating business leaders how to scale their business by leveraging digital and IT tools. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in English and since then worked across several industries. 

Before joining Weidenhammer, Michael held marketing and sales roles in the Financial Services, Legal, and Professional Services industries. He worked with organizations to develop a clear vision of their brand and a marketing strategy to execute on it. Michael believes in the power of relationships in business and finds ways to cultivate them both digitally and offline. 

Outside of work, Michael enjoys reading, exercising, and playing board games with loved ones. He’s worked with writers across the US to develop an authentic voice and coaches young professionals on ways to grow their marketing skills.  

When he isn’t volunteering or helping Weidenhammer build its digital presence, he’s working on his own writing projects. He resides in Philadelphia.