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Michael (Mike) is a Senior Consultant with the Hammer Tech business unit at Weidenhammer. With nearly two decades of experience as a digital disruptor within the technology space, Mike has worked with non-profit, for-profit, and educational institutions. While each of these areas are vastly different, one thing remains consistent; the need to implement the right technology to meet the needs of the industry and provide an exceptional experience for clients and their employees.

Mike has extensive knowledge of the technology industry through his experience as an IT Director, Network Administrator, and Consultant. Mike possesses the unique ability to understand and translate the highly technical, business critical, and overall vision of an organization between both the C-Suite and the IT Teams. His experience with leading technical teams and IT governance allows him to contribute to both the IT and leadership team to provide valuable business outcomes.

While in IT Leadership, Mike has overseen a variety of technical engagements including UC collaboration deployments, wireless network upgrades, and network infrastructure installations. He has effectively managed projects of this scale through his unique ability to focus on the details while coordinating with highly technical teams, resulting in remarkable digital transformations.

Mike and his wife, JJ, reside in North Wales, Montgomery County with their two sons.