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Benefits from a Long-Term Relationship

The Benecon Group is an employee benefits and consulting company, providing actuarial, wellness, and compliance services for employers. Benecon also develops and administers health insurance cooperatives for the public sector, including counties, school districts, townships, boroughs, and other local government units.
Benecon Group, Inc.


Benecon has been a client of Weidenhammer for more than 12 years. This long-term relationship has enabled Benecon to continue to grow with the technology provided. However, as an evolving, growing company, Benecon experienced some challenges within their business:

  • Benecon moved to a newer, larger operations headquarters. With a new location comes a need for a new design and implementation of their network and an opportunity to refresh out dated or older technologies.
  • This move also resulted in a need to move some of their access and applications to a cloud environment.  
  • Benecon maintains a small IT staff.  They utilize their expertise more on the business systems. This allows their core team to focus on the most important parts of the business, but it left a hole for non-essential IT support. They needed help to not let the small items become big problems.


Benecon looked to Weidenhammer to help them solve these challenges. Weidenhammer provided Benecon with support services to manage systems, networks, and desktops.  Backup and recovery services were added to their systems and databases allowing for granular and system recovery capabilities.

Managed security solutions along with security awareness training for the end users were provided.  Weidenhammer also implemented standing reviews and meetings with Benecon IT staff to discuss performance of contracted services, but also to look at strategic initiatives providing design and solution consultation.


Benecon had a noticeable increase in productivity across multiple divisions within their company. They have been able to provide better and more rapid support and monitoring of their systems because they are accessing Weidenhammer’s broad bench of skills and talent. Benecon continues to have success and gain a lot of business value from their continued partnership and engagement with Weidenhammer