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Making a Case for Webex Calling

Established in 1943, Case Paper is one of the largest privately held distributors and converters of paper and board for the printing and packaging industries. With divisions in California, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, they have a strong commitment to being “on the case” for every customer by providing precisely the paper and board they need, when and where they need it.
Case Paper


Case Paper came to Weidenhammer with an urgent need to replace an on-premises Cisco VoIP phone solution. Case Paper was closing in on an acquisition of a new plant in Indiana and this created several issues. 

First, the current phone system was a Cisco UC/VoIP, owned and operated by the company spinning off the plant. Case Paper had until April 30, 2020 to transition the Indiana plant to a new phone service. 

Secondly, their existing phone hardware was all Cisco 8811 IP phones, and they needed a way to leverage these to not have to incur the expense of purchasing new phones (and there just wasn’t time to purchase new phones).  


The quickest and most cost-effective way to replace the on-premises Cisco VoIP solution was to leverage Cisco’s Cloud calling platform Webex Calling. Webex Calling can be provisioned in just a few days. Case Paper leveraged the existing Cisco 8811 IP phones, which were compatible with Cisco’s Webex Calling platform. This saved Case Paper the need for additional capital outlay to procure new phones, as ordering new phones would have added significant cost and time to the implementation of a new calling solution. 


Case Paper went live on Webex Calling in April 2020 with a week to spare, beating their deadline.  They were thrilled about the rapid deployment and immediate stability of the service – all phones are working as expected! This exceeded their expectations, as they were able to continue serving their customers without interruption.