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Scaling Public Services with Hyperflex

The County of Lancaster is a local county municipal government comprising the Lancaster, Pennsylvania metropolitan area. Serving more than half a million residents, the municipality aims to provide services such as public safety, public transportation, assistance with the application of benefits, community and economic development, environmental protection, etc.
The County of Lancaster


With their existing systems coming to the end of their support cycle, the County of Lancaster was looking to replace their server and storage infrastructure. The County of Lancaster has been going through a period of economic change over the last few years. They have seen extensive growth in not only their resident population but also in commerce. Given their growth, when searching for a new solution to help serve the county residents, it was evident they needed not only a solution that provided resiliency and security, but also must provide the county with the scalability needed to grow and sustain them for the future.


Like any major project or investment, it all starts with a good plan. The Hammer Tech team suggested that the County of Lancaster execute an assessment of their infrastructure so that the county would have a solid understanding of their current compute and data requirements, and what they may look like over time. Upon completion of the assessment, Hammer Tech determined the County would benefit from the implementation of Cisco’s Hyperflex data center technology. Once a review of the scope and responsibilities of the project was complete, the Hammer Tech team got to work. The Hammer Tech team not only took care of the design, application inventory and installation, but also the physical installation of all the hardware and related networking. The project included the installation and configuration of several companion Cisco technologies like Nexus and Intersight. In addition, the Hammer Tech team assisted the county in connecting their existing data center storage, a Nimble array, to the newly installed environment. Once completed, there was a testing phase and knowledge transfer so that the county was armed with the information needed to maintain this new investment well into the future.


As the County of Lancaster continues recognize a period of growth within its communities, with the assistance of the Hammer Tech team, they now have a secure and scalable data center that will help them provide a positive experience to their community members well into the future. Additionally, the implementation of a Hyperflex system gave employees the ability to work on site or remotely in a safe and secure environment.