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Minimize Downtime – Increase Productivity

Fitesa is a manufacturer in the non-woven fabrics industry specializing in providing innovative fabrics for the hygiene, medical and industrial markets. Fitesa Simpsonville, Inc. operates out of Simpsonville, S.C. and is a subsidiary of Evora SA (Holding Company based in Brazil). They operate ten manufacturing locations in eight countries.


Fitesa came to Weidenhammer through a relationship Weidenhammer has with a company called Fiberweb. 

Fitesa was buying compute time share services from the Fiberweb IT team.  Fiberweb was acquired by another company in their industry and Fitesa needed to divest themselves from the Fiberweb relationship.  Fitesa needed new standalone networking, compute and storage solutions.


Weidenhammer was able to build and provide a robust, highly reliable, and available solution that includes real-time recovery of systems and data utilizing our technologies, and two different data center locations to complete the service profile needed.  By leveraging advanced capabilities on virtualization and WAN sensitive data replication capabilities, Weidenhammer was able to reduce the overall asset cost and maximize the resource utilization to help drive down overall cost to Fitesa.

Weidenhammer’s demonstrated networking and systems architectural skills, along with the 24 x 7 monitoring and responsive technical support team that Fitesa experienced through the Fiberweb relationship, made it an easy transition for Fitesa from a shared solution to a stand-alone private network.


Minimized Downtime which increases productivity

  • Routine maintenance to infrastructure, systems, desktops
  • Monitoring and alerting allow us to be more proactive to pending issues with platforms
  • Increase the lifetime value of the IT assets

Relationship – extending the IT services team beyond Fitesa staff.  Fitesa staff focuses on business application support and processes.  Weidenhammer handles the compute, storage, networking and communication networks to the data centers. 

Access to a broader skill set, needed only to fulfill specific needs.  Also, having access to a broader set of skills across the compute and networking needs solves problems more rapidly and minimizes impacts to Fitesa’ s business.  Weidenhammer provides legacy custom application support services that Fitesa can get from the experience of Weidenhammer’ s solutions development team and not have to acquire skills for the legacy but highly critical applications.