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Keeping the Power Available

UGI Energy Services (UGIES) is a subsidiary of UGI Corporation. UGIES supplies and markets natural gas, liquid fuels, and electricity to 40,000 customer locations across the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern US. They are a supplier, marketer, and midstream services provider – one backed by 135 years of natural gas experience, plus their own expanding energy infrastructure. Along with buying and selling energy  commodities at the wholesale level, UGIES owns and operates key electric generation and midstream natural gas assets throughout  Pennsylvania.
UGI Energy Services


UGI Energy Services (UGIES) needed to develop a business continuity plan to increase the resiliency of its headquarters location in Wyomissing, PA. The primary administrative functions are located in this building. In addition, UGIES needed to document the disaster recovery processes for its critical systems and incorporate plans for an offsite backup location to be added in the near future.

A business continuity plan is critical to UGIES because it is subject to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements around financial controls. Those controls include the ability to ensure systems and processes are resilient and protected. More importantly, revenue generation and customer support would suffer significantly if UGIES systems and processes were unavailable for more than a few days.

UGIES needed assistance to deliver the overall business continuity strategy and roadmap to management as well as assistance in implementing that strategy over the following 12 to 36 months.


  • Weidenhammer was engaged in a two-phase approach. First, to develop a Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR) Strategy and Roadmap to present to management and internal audit. Secondly, continue the implementation of the BC / DR strategy, including a detailed Business Impact Analysis (BIA), detailed BC and DR plans, and methods for exercising the BC and DR processes.
  • We assessed the enterprise risks including a review of the existing enterprise BIA. We verified existing risks to ensure they were still current and complete. We reviewed and validated the enterprise Business Continuity Policy, the current Crisis Communication / Crisis Management Teams and their roles. We cataloged all applications and the criticality of the applications by department.
  • We met with staff across departments to identify each department’s critical processes. The processes were ranked so planning and resources could be applied to the most critical areas. We identified prerequisite services or departments needed to maintain the critical processes, critical outsourced relationships, and dependencies, peak or critical times, decisions affected, and any regulations would be impacted.


UGI Energy Services initiated the development of a Business Continuity Management (BCM) program to improve their resiliency. Enterprise level risks and critical processes were identified and UGIES is developing continuity plans for each of these processes. The results of the analysis identified time sensitive processes and the requirements to recover them in the timeframe that is acceptable to them. UGIES has a roadmap for developing a full business continuity and disaster recovery plan, prioritizing the most critical processes.